In a show that hardly stops to catch its breath, the Foot & Fiddle dancers and musicians start with traditional Appalachian clogging and Irish step dancing.
The company then taps out rhythms from the 40's swing era and the rock 'n' roll styles of the 50's. The audience can see the roots of these dance forms when the company performs an African Boot dance, an English Sword dance, and a Cajun two step. The concert offers a historical dance puzzle that delights, entertains and informs audiences of all ages.

“The world has deservedly gone around about Pat Cannon’s Foot & Fiddle Dance Company. A fun filled but serious amalgam of Appalachian clog-dancing, country music and square dances. Ms. Cannon has taken element of American show dance and folk dance and distilled them into something fresh and compact.”
- The New York Times

“Lively changes and spirit... a cheerful relaxed eclecticism that welcomes blendings and bendings of traditional forms”
- The Washington Post

“Pat Cannon fills her menu with everything that comes from America’s heart.”
- Le Progres, Lyon, France

“Foot & Fiddle’s boundless effervescence is bound to appeal to folk everywhere.”
- Backstage

“...kept the pace hot with zest and style.”
- The Boston Globe